My published works (2009-2013) – with links

Books, Chapters, Articles, Policy Papers and Blog Posts (by Themes)

1. Emerging Market Economies and the Crisis

ü  How to Ascend After Declining?

ü  The Day After Tomorrow: Growth Switchover

ü  Moving past the commodity supercycle: are we there yet?

ü  QE tapering as a wake-up call for emerging markets

ü  Emerging markets sell-off – what’s next?

ü  Development Banks and Post-Crisis Blues in Investment Finance

ü  China – The Morphing Dragon

ü  Growing After the Crisis: Boosting Productivity in Developing Countries

ü  Euro Area Sovereign Debt Crisis: Putting the House in Order

ü  Managing Economic Policy in a Multipolar World

ü  Whither the U.S. Dollar

ü  Growing After the Crisis: Boosting Productivity in Developing Countries

ü  Recoupling or Switchover June 2nd, 2010

ü  Decoupling, Reverse Coupling and All That Jazz September 2nd, 2009

ü  The Developing World in a Post-Bubble Economy April 9th, 2009


2. Middle-Income Growth Trap

ü  The East Asian Miracle 2.0


3. Natural Resource-Led Development

ü  Resource-backed investment finance in LDCs (w/ Havard Halland)

ü  Diamonds May Be Forever, Natural Resource Wealth Is Not

ü  The Day After Tomorrow: Commodities And Uncomfortable Natural Riches

ü  ·  Don’t Blame Mother Nature January 12th, 2010

4. Monetary Policy and Prudential Regulation

ü  Brazil, Korea: two tales of a macroprudential regulation

ü  Elephants and macro-financial linkages

ü  Finance as an economic cholesterol

ü  Marrying Monetary Policy and Financial Regulation

ü  Goodbye Financial Engineers, Hello Political Wonks

ü  Capital Account Liberalization: Are There Lessons to be Learned?

ü  Is Shadow Banking Dangerous for You?

ü  Shifting Tectonic Plates Under Global Banking

ü  A Marriage of Convenience

ü  The Cost of Financial Reform for Emerging Markets

ü  The Day After Tomorrow: Macro-Financial Policy Catches Up With Reality

ü  What Can We Learn From Islamic Finance?

ü  ·  The Arrival of Asset Prices in Monetary Policy October 20th, 2009

5. Fiscal Policy and Public Sector Management

  • Fiscal Policy for Growth and Development” with Milan Brahmbhatt. (PDF)
    Economic Premise No. 91. World Bank. Washington D.C. October 2012.
  • “Overview – Fiscal Policy for Growth and Development”, with Milan Brahmbhatt,In Moreno-Dodson, B. (ed.), Is Fiscal Policy the Answer? A Developing Country Perspective, Washington: World Bank, 2013 (p.1-22)
  • Corporate Finance International, Fiscal Policy Redux, Spring 2013

6. Subnational Debt, Debt Restructuring

ü  Bankrupt Sovereigns: Is There an Orderly Way Out?

ü  Until Subnational Debt Do Us Part

ü  Procrastination Is Costly, Action Is Priceless


 7. Sovereign Ratings


 8. Gender Equality and Economic Growth

ü  Gender Equality Pays Off in Brazil

ü  International Women’s Day: A Time for Concern, Not Complacency

ü  How Do Women Weather Economic Shocks?

ü  Gender and Trade

ü  My Own View on Women March 12th, 2010

 9. Brazil

ü  Brazil: Chasing Animal Spirits

ü  Brazilian Competitiveness: Folia and Hangover

ü  Vulnerability, Exchange Rate and International Reserves: Whither Brazil? With Bruno Saraiva, September 21st, 2009


10. Trade, Services, Technology, and Regional Integration

ü  South-South trade through value-added glasses

ü  What It Takes for Trade to Reduce Poverty in Africa

ü  Trade: The World Is Not Flat Yet

ü  Revolutionary Services

ü  Trade and Climate Change: Handle with Care

ü  Connecting Wagons: Why and How to Help Lagging Regions Catch Up

ü  Facilitating Trade, Facilitating Development

ü  Distorted Prices in Commodity Markets

ü  Collaborative Border Management: A New Approach to an Old Problem

ü  Connected to Compete? Not as Much as We Could Be

ü  The Doha Round: Much More Than Market Access

ü  Trade Finance and the Financial Crisis

ü  Economic Integration: A Quasi-Common Economy Approach

ü  Who SEZ One Size Fits All?

ü  Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

ü  Sophisticated Exports

ü  South-South Trade Is the Answer

ü  The Day After Tomorrow: A Different Kind of Trade

ü  The Day After Tomorrow: If You Want to Grow, Learn

ü  ·  The Doha Trade Round is Worth Fighting For December 1st, 2009

 11. Human Rights and Economics

ü  Freedom and Development: Something Worth Fighting For

ü  How Human Rights Have Contributed to Development

12. Jobs, Poverty and Equity, Migration

ü  Mobilizing Development via Mobile Phones

ü  It’s Jobs, Stupid!

ü  Jobs as a Gateway to Prosperity

ü  Jobs as a Scorecard

ü  Sewing Success: How Textile Jobs Help Reduce Poverty

ü  Emerging Markets Lead in Job Recovery

ü  Are Emerging Markets Leading the Way in Job Creation?

ü  Small Is Beautiful in Job Creation

ü  Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

ü  South Asia and the Geography of Poverty

ü  Is Europe as Unequal as the U.S.?

ü  Bucking the Trend: Poverty Reduction and Inequality in Latin America

ü  Less Poor but More Unequal

ü  Money Can’t Buy Equality

ü  The Day After Tomorrow: The Final Battle in the War Against Poverty

ü  Do the Poor Really Benefit From Labor Migration?

ü  Remittances Rebound But Pressures Persist


13. Development Aid

14. Food Prices

ü  Should We Still Worry About Food Prices?

ü  Food Prices and the 7 Billionth Baby

ü  Food Prices, Financial Crisis and Droughts

ü  The Food Price Threat to Poor Continues

ü  The Poor Are Paying the Price of the Food Cost Spike


15. Natural Disasters, Climate Change

ü  Climate Change: Get Ready to Adapt!

ü  An Inconvenient Truth for Latin America

ü  Macro-Disasters

ü  To Address Climate Change We Need to Measure Poverty Better

16. Others

ü  Drugging Development


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